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This Friday I experienced another extreme event in my life. No, it wasn’t any personal event but rather an extreme weather condition. This morning I saw temperature dipping 34 degree Celsius below zero. Yeah, thats right, it was -34 degree Celsius and to make it worse the wind chill factor was -42 degree Celsius. Wind chill factor is roughly a measure of the temperature that you actually feel because of the wind. Incidentally, I am teaching “Math-3503: Differential Equation for Engineers” course at UNB in this semester and I had a class in the morning at 8:30am. So as you can imagine I had the opportunity to feel this extreme temperature head on :-|. I took this screenshot from my Thinkpad before I went out.

Extreme Weather

Extreme Weather

While waiting at the bus stop, I could literally feel that water vapours are freezing out in my nose as I breath. Later, in my office, I was contrasting this with my days in Chennai. I stayed in Chennai for six years and summer temperature was hitting +44 degree Celsius regularly. In other words, my experience of extreme temperatures now ranges between +44C to -34C. Whoops!!


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